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FileDays.net - Official Support Thread

Dear rebill.me Members,

We are pleased to announce new file sharing site FileDays.net with a team of proven developers intent on delivering the best value in cloud storage.

FileDays.net is a new File Hosting service for safe file transfer, backup, and distribution.
With the Rapidly-Growing need of online storage service,FileDays.net set out to deliver the best solutions at affordable prices.
We remain committed to delivering the 110% satisfaction in our service by providing a safe, reliable and efficient process, all with a price structure driven by value.
We also understands our customers need for outstanding service and we are 110% committed to our customers service standards.
FileDays.net ensures reliability of performance with SAN storage running at RAID 5.
All our servers are setup with hardware-based RAID 5 for maximum redundancy and 10 Gbps bandwidth.

We have two affiliate schemes.
Current PPD rates we offer:

Current PPS rates we offer:
Our PPS rates can vary from 65% upto 75% depending on sales volume.

Key features from our service:
  • Upload size up to 5 GB
  • Minimum payout is $20, We pay weekly, Partners can receive payments in WMZ or PayPal
  • Waiting time for Guest/registered is 60/45 seconds
  • Unlimited space for premium user and 200GB for free user
  • Max download speed for Free user is 100KB/s
  • Resume download
  • FTP Upload
  • Count maximum 1 cent last 24 hours from same IP address download
  • Free account upgrades for uploaders, please post here with your information.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to post here.

Warmest regards,
Head of support team
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